About Us

About CleanMudd

Established in 2020 during the challenges of the pandemic, CleanMudd Group is a dynamic force in Manitoba’s business landscape. Founded by Matt Stephens, along with fellow Asper MBA graduates  Wasiq Saiyid, Adi Kedia, Jordan Hughes, and CPA Salman Idris, the group focuses on acquiring and operating small businesses in the region.

Strategic Acquisitions:

In a bold move, CleanMudd Group acquired Mann’s Clean Sweep in 2020, a well-established player in parking lot maintenance. Reflecting the new vision, Mann’s Clean Sweep was rebranded as Clean Sweep Manitoba. The group continued its growth trajectory with the strategic acquisition of MuddRuckers in 2023, expanding its presence and influence in the concrete services sector.

Operational Focus:

CleanMudd Group is dedicated to acquiring and operating small businesses in Manitoba. This operational commitment underscores the group’s goal of contributing to local growth, fostering community engagement, ensuring the sustained success of its portfolio companies, and continuing the legacy of our businesses’ founders.

Our Vision:

Guided by a vision of innovation, adaptability, and long-term value creation, CleanMudd Group stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit in Manitoba. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the leadership team contribute to building a dynamic portfolio of businesses that positively impact the local economy and community.

As CleanMudd Group continues its journey, the commitment to operational excellence, strategic acquisitions, and community impact remains unwavering. The group anticipates further contributions to Manitoba’s business landscape, fueled by a passion for growth and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Advisory Group

Adi Kedia (MBA): A senior business intelligence and data analyst for a global financial company, Adi brings analytical prowess and global financial insights to the leadership team.

Jordan Hughes (MBA): As a senior leader in an IoT company, Jordan brings innovative perspectives and insights to the group’s strategic initiatives.

Matt Stephens (MBA): With a background in pension plans, banking, and farming, Matt leads the operations and provides strategic direction, leveraging his diverse expertise.

Salman Idris (CPA): Certified in accounting, Salman ensures financial precision, guiding the group’s operational and strategic decisions.

Wasiq Saiyid (MBA): Specializing in high-net-worth banking, Wasiq contributes financial acumen and strategic vision to the group’s endeavors.

CleanMudd Group

The Combined History of CleanMudd

The Clean Mudd companies have been operating in Winnipeg for more than 45 years, starting with Auld’s Clean Sweep following through to the merger with MuddRuckers in 2023.

in 1976
Auld Clean Sweep Logo
Founded in 1976

The first company was started by Murray Auld and operated as Auld’s Clean-Sweep on Brookside Blvd

Manns Clean Sweep Logo
1985 Sale

The sweeping business was purchased by Brock Mann and operated as Mann’s Clean-Sweep

1990 Acquisition

The sweeping business purchased Sweep Away, growing their sweeping capabilities

MuddRuckers is Founded
MuddRuckers is Founded

Pioneering a new way of fixing sunken concrete in Winnipeg, MuddRuckers is founded by Doug Cook and Dan Skibitzky.

105 Hebert building
1992 Move

We’re growing! Mann’s Clean-Sweep moved to 105 Hebert St

Lot Lines Logo
1994 Acquisition

To add to our line painting services, Mann’s Clean-Sweep purchased Lot Lines – a company that specialized in line painting

old small sweepers
1995 Acquisition

Mann’s Clean-Sweep continues to grow, adding more sweeping capabilities by purchasing Custom Sweeping

A new service
2012 Spin Casting

MuddRuckers acquires the rights to new process in rehabilitating large diameter pipes called Spin Casting.

Safety Certified
2013 COR certification

MuddRuckers, after years of developing a safe work environment, achieves their COR certification.

Retirement and new owners
2015 Retirement

After 25 years, Dan Skibitzky retires. Doug Cook brings on 3 additional owners of MuddRuckers, Anthony Knapp, Dave Knapp and Shawn Vidal. 

Clean Sweep Manitoba Logo
2020 Sale

After 35 years, Brock Mann retires. Mann's Clean Sweep is purchased by a local group, mainly made up of Asper graduates, and begins operating as Clean Sweep Manitoba

MuddRuckers Logo
2023 Merger

Clean Sweep merges with MuddRuckers to create a broad-based property maintenance and repair company.

2024 Rebrand

The group is rebranded to be called the CleanMudd Group. With a focus on acquiring and operating small businesses here in Manitoba.